Image Multiple Masking Services
Multiple Masks

Keeping in purview the indispensability of ecommerce websites to showcase products in several color options, we deploy the multiple masking technique to images – cut out silhouettes of image segments and edit as required thereafter. Our adept image editors create multiple masks on images for color and background swapping. Images, easy or complex, are masked impeccably to ensure optimum image repurposing for similar products.

Image Multiple Masking Services - Before/After


Red and white patterned zip bag zip bag Multiple Masking

A red and white patterned zip bag with all metal and color separately masked in Photoshop

Baseball Glove Baseball Glove Image Masking

Check out this cool baseball glove, multiple masking done using Adobe Photoshop!

Fashion Photo Masking Services Creating Separate Color, Flesh and Shoe Masks

Three women wearing unique outfits. Color & print variations are achieved through multiple masking using Photoshop.

Purple and blue sandal Footwear Masking in photoshop

Purple and blue sandals featuring a stylish block heel masked with different color paths & colorways.

Hand bag multiple Masking Hand bag colorways

A chic handbag that can transform into any color with the help of multiple masking in Photoshop and made flexible with colorways

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